In partnership with Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, we offer these free online courses to equip you to grow.  Each course is the same lecture content as the class at SEBTS.  When you click on the course, you will be directed to set up or log in to your free Lifeway account.  If you have any difficulties accessing these courses, please contact

An Overview of the New Testament

Get a basic framework of the New Testament and an introduction to the New Testament world. This course will help students to gain a basic understanding of the content of the New Testament so that they can better understand the Word as they study. 

Christian Theology

Do you want to know more about God, his purpose in the world, and his plan for your life? We will cover the basics of Christian beliefs by examining what the Bible teaches and why sound theology matters.  

Interpreting and Teaching the Bible

This course on biblical interpretation will help you better grasp how to study the Bible and teach its truths to others. You will learn the methods of observation, interpretation, and application of Scripture, which will serve to enrich your study of the Bible and equip you to become a better teacher of God’s Word.  

Theology and Culture

Explore the many realms of culture including business, art, sports, politics, and more. Be challenged to consider how God relates to and cares about all aspects of life and will learn how to interact with various aspects of culture in ways that are pleasing to God.

Evangelism in the Local Church

This course seeks to equip believers to understand and practice evangelism.  Build upon a theological foundation for evangelism, learn historical insights for this task, discover practical strategies for doing evangelism, and consider the importance of evangelism in the local church. 

A Biblical View of Wealth and Poverty

This course entails a biblical and theological examination of ethical issues related to wealth and poverty. Special attention is given to scriptural teaching on work, human flourishing, material stewardship, alleviating poverty, the creation and use of wealth and the role of the church in these areas of study.

Work and Worship

In this course, you will be challenged to consider how Christ’s lordship extends beyond the walls of the church and into every realm of life, including the work of your hands. Building upon a biblical understanding of work, this class will help equip you to minister wherever God has placed you in the workplace and beyond.

Christ-Centered Exposition

Teaching and preaching the Word of God is a great gift and responsibility. In this course, pastor and professor Dr. Tony Merida describes preaching as the responsible declaration of Christ in the Scriptures, by the Holy Spirit’s power, and for God’s glory. 


The History of Missions

Do you want to know God’s plan for your life? Sometimes the way forward is to see what God has done in the past. This free course guides students into the exciting journey of God’s mission through the centuries. 

The Practice of Missions

Discover the biblical basis and motivation for missions while understanding the changing world around you and the difference between sending churches and churches that support missions.